Welcome to Cedavécia

In our local language (ladino) “cedavècia” means “old house”: The B&B is part of a 19th Century building. At that time, stone houses were built to gradually replace the older wood houses, according to the urbanistic plan called “Rifabbrico” (you can find out more about this by clicking here or visiting our local museum “Algudnei”).

A view of Cedavecia from the outside

We really care about our history: with this in mind, we recently renovated the building under the supervision of our architect Andrea Turato.  We do also care about sustainability: we chose a biomass and solar heating system and natural building materials. The perfume of wood that drives you through the cozy rooms is the hallmark of our marangòn (carpenter) Massimiliano De Martin.

Here is our family…at least part of it!

And here we are: Elisabetta, Maria and baby Petra! We want our home to become also a bit yours: you just have to come and visit us and the wonderful Comelico Valley.